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What is our environment?

What is our relationship with it?

What does it mean and why do we need to look at it?

Is it simply the environment around us or is there more to it?


Read on for personal experiences of what the environment means in our everyday.

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Why We Are Here

We are here to return to a way of living that is aligned to the rhythms and cycles of the universe.

Blog_A Travellers Paradise

NZ - A Traveller's Paradise

The impact of spending 12

months in New Zealand and the

enrichment still felt.


The Tide Within

Could there be a tide within each and every one of us, a rhythm and flow in harmony, or not, with the Universe?

Return to Love - Blog - Who's out of Control_.jpg


 Who's Out of Control, Nature or Us?

Sometimes we want to change things, but maybe true change looks a bit different than we first realise.

The Enforced Stop.jpeg

The Enforced Stop

Lockdowns and enforced stops – problem or opportunity?



 Are We All ‘Kiwis’ at Heart?

As Kiwis do we appreciate the grandness and natural beauty of New Zealand that is also within us all?

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