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Traditionally most of us will see our relationships as being with family, partners, friends and often extending to our pets. However, our relationships extend much further than this. We are in relationship with every person we connect with during our day whether it be a work colleague, a shop assistant, or a bus driver just to mention a few. In fact, living on this planet puts us in relationship with all those around us. 

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No relationship is of greater importance than another but what is truly important is the quality we bring to them. Our relationships can either be supportive and harmonious for all or reactive and possibly destructive depending on the choices made at the time. These choices are our responsibility – the consequences of which have flow-on effects in our own life as well as the lives of others.

Relationships need not be limited by time or expectations, instead they are constellated to offer the individual parties the opportunity to grow and to evolve, not only for themselves but for all.

Relationships are the most powerful reflections in our lives, offering the truth and the possibility of change, for us, for the world and all those in it. 

To take this one step further is it possible we do actually know that our relationships extend beyond our interactions with other people and that by being on this planet we are also offered the opportunity to be in relationship with the cycles of nature, the seasons, the stars, the universe and beyond? 

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For better, for worse – does it really need to be this way?

Many of us have uttered the words “for better, for worse” in our wedding vows but what do they mean?

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