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The Return to Love Project NZ website welcomes korero, comments, questions and conversation in relation to the blogs and articles here posted.


Our Commenting Guidelines are as follows:

  • We welcome open and sincere inquiry, with respect and decency to those who have written the articles and blogs and to those who may read your comments.

  • Anything deemed by us to be of a hateful, aggressive, abusive, harmful or of a discriminatory nature will not be posted on this site, at our sole discretion

  • Anything deemed by us to be self-promotional, spam and/or promoting a personal agenda will be moderated and may at our sole discretion be excluded and not published.

  • Any contributed anonymous comments will not be posted.

  • Please note we take privacy very seriously and therefore also reserve the right to decline the publication of comments which we consider may compromise the privacy of others.

  • All comments will be moderated by our dedicated team and may take a few days to appear


We live by the philosophy that freedom of speech does not include the freedom to abuse. In its foundational tenets, freedom of speech holds the responsibility of doing no harm to another. We respect and honour this in full so that all who visit this website do so knowing that it is a place of integrity, care and respect for all.

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