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According to the Ageless Wisdom these are the qualities of the Soul and of God. They are part of the natural order of the universe therefore stillness, joy, truth, harmony and love are naturally within us all.


We are born with these qualities and they can be easily felt and seen within us as babies. As children these qualities are much closer to us but as we get older we can get caught up in the demands and expectations of life to find ourselves living out the opposite of stillness, joy, truth, harmony and love. However, they are never lost and no matter how far we may choose to move away from this natural state of being, they remain forever within us to re-connect to if we choose.


Return to Love NZ - Soul - Qualities of the Soul - Stillness

Most of us like to spend time in nature to unwind, to feel more at ease, to let go and connect back to ourselves. We feel and innately know this quality as stillness as it is within us, and nature simply reflects it back to us. When one is in stillness, everything can be felt more clearly; like a pond that is still there is much clarity and although you may throw a stone in it and cause ripples, it will always naturally return to clarity and stillness. This same analogy can be applied to our own lives. We can choose to be in the busyness, raciness and motion, or we can live surrendered to our stillness where all things can be seen, felt and known. Stillness is a quality that supports us to be more present and aware, and therefore able to feel and read what is going on in our bodies and what is going on around us. This enables us to make more harmonious, loving and true choices that enable a more connected and naturally joyful state of being.


“Once you know yourself in your living stillness there is nothing
in this world that is greater than you.”

- Serge Benhayon

- Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed I, p 366


When we forget that stillness is our natural state of being there are simple ways to reconnect;

  • being in nature,

  • taking a gentle walk with an awareness of our body, or

  • being consciously present when preparing and cooking a meal.


Another tool is Esoteric Yoga which supports a re-connection back to you and your body and the quality of stillness.

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Return to Love NZ - Soul - Qualities of the Soul - Harmony

We all feel it is disharmonious when a door is slammed or when someone is angry or shouting. Harmony is a natural way to be with oneself and others that is without harm.

“Harmony is something that is not separation.

Harmony is something that is not tolerance.

Harmony is always one-unified love.”

- Serge Benhayon

- Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed I, p 70


Harmony brings deep consideration for ourselves, others and everything around us and it starts with our bodies. We have an inbuilt ‘harmony regulator’ known as homeostasis which supports our body to function harmoniously. It is harming for our body to go outside our homeostatic range. We do this by:

  • Doing too much

  • Over or under exercising

  • Staying up too late

  • Overeating or

  • Becoming overly emotional.


As we come to honour and take care of the natural harmony regulator within ourselves we build a harmonious quality to share and take to others.

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Love is a quality that we can feel and express in our bodies. We can choose to move from this quality of love, taking it into our daily activities.


Love is tender, delicate, strong, clear and precise. Love can be felt in our expression and movements – from making our bed lovingly to feeling for the right foods for our bodies and cooking in a loving quality - or it can be received when we feel how loving others are being with us. Love is not something you give as it is something you simply are. We are made of love and therefore you can never lose it, you can only choose it and be it in all that you do with yourself and others.

“Love is the living stillness of God, which is found in the inner-heart

of every man and woman on Earth.”

- Serge Benhayon

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy Volume I, ed I, p 183


Love is a holding quality. It does not ask anything of us and simply holds us in all that we are, because we are that love. Much unity can be felt when one holds love for oneself and therefore for others. Although it is widely advertised, there is no emotion, sympathy or sensationalism in love, it is a quality that holds us all equal, and equally responsible to be love.


In accepting the love we are, we can hold others equally so in the love they are.

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Return to Love NZ - Soul - Qualities of the Soul - Joy

Joy is a quality that can be easily seen in children who are just being themselves. As we get older we take on ideals and beliefs of how we ‘think’ we need to be that alter our natural state of being. This takes us away from our joy and we will often find ourselves feeling heavy, exhausted, hurt, unwell and looking for things to pick us up or distract us from the underlying not so good feelings. However, when we let ourselves feel what is there and let go of what we have taken on, we are able to feel and ‘en-joy’ the loving and rich quality we have chosen that can be shared with others.


When living in connection with our Soul joy can be described as a deep inner contentment with ourselves and others that is naturally felt. Joy needs nothing outside of itself to feed it - it simply is.

“Enjoy being you - there is NO greater joy.”

- Serge Benhayon

- Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed I, p 539

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Return to Love NZ - Soul - Qualities of the Soul - Truth

If something is not true for all of us it is not truth.


Although there are many interpretations of truth and what we believe to be true, truth is an absolute. We tend to avoid feeling or expressing it because it is a call to responsibility. Truth begins with honesty and our body is the vehicle through which we express it. The body is constantly communicating with us but we can choose not to listen to this natural inner-knowing we have had since we were children.

“The body is the marker of truth.”

- Serge Benhayon

- Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed I, p 569

When we hold back from expressing truth, it not only impacts upon us but those that we have chosen not to express the truth to and denies the opportunity for everyone to evolve and learn.


To hold back our truth is to hold back from expressing love. This is clearly evident in what is missing in many families, communities, societies, countries and humanity as a whole.


We have kept silent for too long and not expressed the truth of the corruption and lack of harmony in our systems of education, religion, politics and health to name a few. If you consider how the world is today, it is easy to see how the choice to not speak up leaves in its wake the devastation that we all in truth feel and are living with on a daily basis.

“Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings.”

- Serge Benhayon

Serge Benhayon, An Open Letter to Humanity, ed I, p 72        

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