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In 2015, four New Zealanders started meeting, talking about the history of the Waitaha and the deep connection we felt with this historical aspect of New Zealand. We expressed how we felt a knowing in our bodies, a resonance with a time where people lived in truth and harmony with all things, honouring the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe, humbly allowing this to be a lived way. We felt the truth of the Waitaha people being made up of not just one race but a mix of colours and how each brought a wisdom and knowledge that contributed to a harmonious whole. We felt this had been a lived way by many peoples of the world throughout human history. We also felt the deep grief in our bodies that humanity had wandered so far from living in brotherhood and, as in the case of the Waitaha, had been decimated, sidelined as myth and deleted from our history books.


From our homes in New Zealand and Australia we felt the call, across the seas, a karanga to all races, to return home, back to this once lived true nature.

The song Aroha is this call, to each of us, that we may walk together

once again in true equality.


Aroha was written by Tina Kopa. Music production by Catherine Wood.
For more of Tina and Catherine’s music, visit Sounds of Soul,

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