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For most of us, there is more to life than just flesh and bone, there is a common recognition that we have a spiritual side of life. This spirituality exists in many differing forms, in that each and every cultural group has connected to and developed its own spiritual identification. Some cultures have a very ‘earth’ based belief system, honouring of the earth and all her seasons and cycles. Others base their spirituality around a philosophy handed down from a particular person or ancestor. Some cultures also identify with spiritual beings, whether from this realm or elsewhere, whilst others focus attention on the spirits of the dead.

Having a developed spirituality allows us to comprehend a deeper meaning to life on earth and appears to help us connect to each other, identifying that we are intrinsically connected to a higher power. Within the many religions and personal belief systems amongst us, there is a spirituality that is unique to each one that recognises the presence of a god, sometimes numerous gods or demigods or a power greater than ourselves. This is where human spirituality can divide us, for there are many different versions, and these are often quite contradictory. It can seem that the whole topic of spirituality can cause conflict and division amongst people. How can this be, when the supposed essence of the spirit should be one of connection and togetherness?

Perhaps the human spirit is not as pure in its intent as it would initially seem.  The Return to Love Project fully acknowledges the existence of the human spirit, and in this we see how it actually separates us from the one-unifying quality of the Soul.  Although our spirit connects us to realms beyond the physical and allows us to sense so much more, its drive is to develop the individual rather than for the greater good of all people. Our spirit is very deceptive as it is aware of so much, yet caught in its own pursuit of recognition, individuality and power.

It is common for the terms Soul and Spirit to be used interchangeably, leading us to believe they are one and the same. But the Soul and Spirit are not the same and coming to understand this helps to understand the conflict and division we are in.

“The Soul is Divine, evolutionary, all-encompassing and spherical; the spirit is involutionary, limited and lineal. The Soul works in perfect unison with the divine rhythms and cycles of the whole cosmos and it is always a unifying energy whereas the spirit functions in opposition to the harmonious rhythms of the universe and thus it always fosters separation.


The Soul works with simplicity the spirit seeks identification in complication”.

(Lessing, Mandalis & Dalle Rive Carli. Spirit. Accessed on 5 MArch, 2018 at

So, although the human spirit is a part of who we are, taking us beyond the physical life and introducing us to the multi-layered existence of life beyond the physical, our spirit is not it. The human spirit and human spirituality keeps us locked into thinking that it has all the answers and solutions to our problems however it never truly gets us anywhere, instead endlessly circling and repeating patterns. When we connect to the Soul, we can see the truth of the spirit and how it does not truly serve us.

There comes a time when the spirit surrenders its individuality to the pure love of the Soul.  As we have seen, the Soul, in all its glory, is what truly connects us to God. And this is the true meaning of life.

 Tihei Mauriora.

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