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In this section, we explore mythology related to our origins within New Zealand and beyond, in history and in pre-history. Yet the myths you read here are not only stories of or from our ancient past – they shed light on our divine origins. They are reawakened here to remind us of who we truly are, to show us that our all too human lives are not ‘it’... that there is more to us than meets the eye.


They also show us there is much for us to learn, or re-learn, as we cycle around the sun.

For our future is already written and we are merely in the process of returning to it, one divinely-originated being at a time.


The myths within Our Origins are not only about presenting an ancient, pre-verbal past, they document an older, expansive and already-lived future providing us with a road map for the way ahead. For what we are returning to is a way of living as old as the universe, and we can live as harmoniously now as we once did then. 


"Our future is older than our past, our known ancient past."


Serge Benhayon The Way of The Livingness Sermons 18-30, Page 43.

Return to Love NZ - Our Origins.jpg

Our Origins - A New Myth
For An Ancient Land

New Zealand is an ancient land but what do we truly know about the origins of its people? 

Return to love - Mythology - Atlantis-Pt

Atlantis - A History
For Our Times

​Atlantis, a myth in the truest sense, designed to teach us something. What was the lesson?

Return to Love NZ - Mythology - Atlantis

Atlantis Revisited - Have We Really Left The Past Behind?

​Atlantis was real - and we haven’t heeded its lessons. Are we due for another global correction? 

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