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Returning to the natural connection with our Soul is an acknowledgment of the divinity that we are all from and therefore who we are.


Our Soul is the aspect of us that holds a deeper profound meaning to life beyond the physical and confirms the oneness that we all belong to, an interconnectedness that is multidimensional.


This oneness, or divine order, is an interconnectedness that we are all constantly in relationship with whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. This relationship is within ourselves, with all people, objects, the land, nature, the elements, the stars and the universe. When the relationship with our Soul is missing this is when we get that sense of ‘there must be more to life’ or ‘there’s something missing’.


It is easy to get caught up in the demands and expectations of daily life and in this we can easily lose touch with ourselves and all that we are part of. Reconnecting with our Soul is returning to the natural divine birthright that belongs to all people regardless of beliefs, culture and nationality. This can be possible when we return to a very simple and practical way of being, a way where we live in connection to God, to our Soul, to others, to our world and everything around us.

Returning to a simple and practical way of being is natural, however due to our modern lifestyles many of us have chosen to abandon this. This is evident when we look at what affects us as a society with the escalating rates of illness and disease, mental health issues and a general lack of care for ourselves, each other and our communities. Is it possible that our entire way of being is moving us in the complete opposite direction of who we innately are?

Our Soul is with us constantly and communicates with us all of the time. The Soul’s language presents in many ways and can be as simple as:

A heart shape in a stone or a leaf, or the drift of a feather

A ‘wow’ moment, a stop moment – for instance when we’re open to a beautiful sunset, or the brilliance of a rainbow.

The call of a bird greeting a new morning.

The synchronicity of meeting someone you’ve been thinking about or getting a phone call from them

The smile or laugh of a baby

Looking into someone’s eyes - the eyes are the gateway to the Soul

We can gloss over these moments because they have become familiar, too ordinary, but these are in fact the true magic that is happening all the time. The Soul is with us as we go about our very ordinary daily tasks such as mowing the lawns, putting out the rubbish, getting groceries or picking up dog poo. The presence of our Soul can also be experienced in our connections and relationships with others who reflect, confirm or remind us of who we truly are.


What if reconnecting to our Soul is about making a choice? These simple daily examples show us that we can be connected to our Soul in any moment. It is in these moments that we can get the sense that there is more to life and this opens the way for the return to our Soul.

There are practical and simple tools that support living in soulfulness. These can be accessed in the Body Connection section of this website.

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