The foundation of the myths stay the same, however, what is spoken changes for each generation.

Ko te kaupapa o ngā pūrakau e tū ake nei, engari ka huri tonu
te kōrero mo ia reanga ia reanga.

In truth, mythology reflects the underlying values of a people.
Its purpose is to teach and guide each generation.


Mythology is the ancient wisdom transferred through story
which resonates in our body as a known truth.  

It is a confirmation of who we are.


The essence of mythology doesn’t change, but the way it is presented and communicated adapts to the current generation and cycle according to what is needed at that time. It is a lived truth we can choose to
embrace and learn from.

If it is true that we have lost our true understanding of the word myth, could it be equally possible that we have lost our capacity to convey and receive the truths inherent in a mythical account?

New Zealand is an ancient land but what do we truly know about the origins of its people? Come with us on a journey of discovery.

Everyday mythology is all around us and these everyday examples share ways of interpreting, understanding and enriching life.

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