Look after your body and then your body will support you.

Manaakitia tō tinana, kātahi ka manaaki tō tinana i a koe.

Our physical body is the vehicle that carries us through life, from birth to passing over. The wisdom of who we are is held within the body and when well cared for and listened to our body guides and supports us unwaveringly so. To treat it with the utmost care and love will ensure that no matter how many years we live for, those years will be vital and enjoyable.

Introduction to Our Body

We live in a world where everyone appears to be so busy and the thought of taking care of ourselves is just one more thing to try and shoe horn into our days. However, could it be possible that taking the time to be with our body, connecting to it for even a moment or two every day, will support our health, well-being and vitality?

The State of our Health

It is becoming obvious from reading articles in newspapers and on the internet, and watching reports on television, that in spite of the many amazing advances in the medical field, improved surgical techniques and more understanding of our body than ever before, that the state of our health is declining, as it is worldwide.

Care of our Body

Our body offers us a great indicator or barometer of how we live with love (aroha) for ourselves. All our choices, from the way we move, how we communicate, what we eat, how we exercise, to the time we go to bed, have an impact on our body, health and well-being.


Living in connection to our body and the essence of who we are is our natural state of being. This essence is the same in all people and is not determined by culture, religion or roles.

Our Cycles

We have cycles in every part of our lives, both natural and man-made, but do we live in harmony with these cycles and allow them to support us, or do we fight or try to change them? 

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