The Soul is the essence of all people and confirms our divinity

Ko te Wairua i roto i te Ngākau o ngā tāngata katoa, hei
whakamana ō tātou ātaahuatanga

There is an aspect of God within each of us, known as the Soul, whose essence knows itself from the oneness and divinity to which it belongs. This oneness is our interconnectedness to each other and to everything. When connected to, our Soul can deeply feel the truth of all things because we all come from the same universal order, the same oneness that is love. Our Soul is a living quality within us and in connection to our Soul we can live with its natural qualities of harmony, love, joy, stillness and truth.

Returning to our Soul is the return back to this known universal way of being and living, with the awareness of the interconnectedness we all hold and therefore the responsibility that comes with such a way of life. Living from Soul is not a higher altered state reserved for those ‘special few’ and nor is it something that we need to ‘get to’. It is already within each and every one of us equally so, and therefore, it is simply a choice to return to the known essence of who we are.


The purpose of this section ‘Our Soul’ is to offer an understanding of the qualities of the Soul and present a living way to reconnect back to Soul.

Returning to the natural connection with our Soul is the acknowledgment of the divinity that we are all from and therefore who we are. Our Soul is the aspect of us that holds a deeper profound meaning to life beyond the physical and confirms the oneness that we all belong to, an interconnectedness that is multidimensional.

Stillness, joy, truth, harmony and love are the qualities of the Soul and of God. We are born with these qualities and they can be easily felt and seen within us as babies. As children these qualities are much closer to us but as we get older we can get caught up in demands and expectations of life. However, they are never lost and no matter how far we may choose to move away from this natural state of being, they remain forever within us to re-connect to if we choose.

Prayer is a living, walking way of being that is in reverence to the constant divine connection we belong to. This connection reminds us of our sacredness and who we truly are.

Within the many religions and personal belief systems amongst us, there is a spirituality that is unique to each one that recognises the presence of a god, sometimes numerous gods or demigods or a power greater than ourselves. This is where human spirituality can divide us, for there are many different versions, and these are often quite contradictory.

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