The living cycles of the earth and the sky, of all that surrounds and holds us in the Universe, return us to the natural truths of ancient days.

Ko ngā huri mataora ō Papa-tūā-nuku rāua ko Ranginui, e awhi ana tātou, hei whakahoki tātou ki te matauranga pono ō neherā.


The celestial rhythms above reflect to us the grandness and
divinity of who we are. We are continually given the opportunity to live in harmony with these rhythms and the cycles of nature
each and every day.

This is our environment

Living in reverence to these rhythms and cycles is a return back to the ancient wisdom that is our natural way.

This is the way for us to be and to walk with this land in the
knowing of who we are.

The environment that we live in incorporates all that is of the Earth, as well as all that is above us in the sky and heavens. If we live in harmony with both of these realms together, we stay connected with our origins, ourselves and each other.  

Our natural environment reflects to us constantly that we are part of something very grand. From the tiniest flower growing through a crack in the pavement, to the vastness and wonder of the night sky and the Universe.

Our environment is constantly changing and affecting us in different ways with its rhythms and cycles, such as day and night, the shifting seasons, weather patterns and even natural disasters. 

This land of ancient days holds a universal wisdom, a truth that reflects an essence held within each and every person. What does this mean and how can this be true? 

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