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We live in a world where everyone appears to be so busy and the thought of taking care of ourselves is just one more thing to try and shoe horn into our days. However, could it be possible that taking the time to be with our body, connecting to it for even a moment or two every day, will support our health, well-being and vitality?


How we treat our body and how we move in every moment impacts upon the relationship we have not only with ourselves, but with others and with the world we live in. Developing a respectful relationship with our body where we actually hear, listen and respond to signs and symptoms, can be the start of a whole new approach to life. If we consider that our body holds a wisdom not found in books or acquired intelligence, but an innate, whole body intelligence,  we have a choice to form an allegiance with it rather than disregarding its many wise messages and working against it. 


The impact of this cannot be underestimated as our health and well-being affects every area of our lives whether at work, home, with our family and friends, or out in the community.


‘Our Body’ introduces ways of connecting to our own body and caring for ourselves by being in tune with our cycles, respecting our natural sleeping rhythms, eating nourishing food and

experiencing exercise as support and care, not simply to achieve a desired result.

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