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Prayer is a living, walking way of being that is in reverence to the constant divine connection we belong to. This connection reminds us of our sacredness and who we truly are.


What if prayer is our way of being in communion with ourselves and with God that is not limited to special moments but a way to live and be in throughout our day?


What if prayer is a constant acknowledgement of who we are and our connection with God, our soul and nature?


For most people, prayer is often associated with a variety of images from which we then define what prayer is and ought to look like. These images depict prayer to be ‘special moments’ and a time for you to communicate with a much greater presence. Often, we turn to prayer when times seem bad, calling on something outside of ourselves for answers.


Prayer is also commonly associated with an organised religion and can come across as exclusive for those who belong to that religion. Is it possible that we have been misled as to the true meaning of religion and also the meaning of prayer?

The origins of the word religion all indicate a re-connection, a re-bonding with the Divine or a re-turn to God. They also seem to indicate that we are in fact re-turning to something that is already there and simply needs to be re-connected to. Read further information on religion here.

Yoga, Meditation and Prayer - Serge Benhayon
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These questions and audio allow us to consider the possibility that prayer is not a token moment in reverence to something outside of us.


"We have a choice to live this constant communion
through our every day".


This can be experienced in the simplicity of how we speak, move, attend to activities or how we receive the magic of God moments in nature such as the beauty of a sunrise, the stillness of the early morning, or the joy in observing fantails at play. We are constantly in receipt of this beauty that abounds us in every moment including with the people we meet in our day. These are all moments of prayer. This allows us to encompass and live more from the depth of who we are and therefore our connection with the universal and greater aspect of who we are.

To cherish this depth within us and around us, requires us to be in a quality of stillness to receive the subtle communication of God, our soul and nature. Stillness is a natural quality and rhythm that supports our physiology to be in a state of harmony. The quality of stillness does not refer to no movement, rather it is a certain quality in movement that supports our body’s natural way.

If we take a moment to consider the state of our world today, our way of living is highly charged and does not support our body to be at ease or in its natural flow. As a society we have lost the everyday sacred connection to who we are, where we are from and how to live sacredness in life and in our daily activities. Yet this is as simple as tuning into our dreams and the messages they are sharing, or the way we choose to prepare food to nourish our body and our relationships with the people we share food with, or the way we walk with an awareness of what is happening within us and also around us.


Communion is always available as our Soul and our connection never goes, it simply awaits the choice for us to re-connect and live from the greatness of who we are and therefore returns us to the extra-ordinary-ness of who we are - naturally so.

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