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Our environment is constantly changing and affecting us in many ways, with its rhythms and cycles, such as day and night, the shifting seasons, weather patterns and even natural disasters.  One thing for sure is that not only are we affected by changes and movements in our environment, but we also cause changes and movements to our environment.  It is one big feedback system.  


When we look out into the night sky and view our celestial family the stars shine their light out to all – affecting every other aspect of the Universe – as do we all.   Humanity has a habit of seeing itself as separate from everything else, and also at times superior or invincible.  It is not until Nature ‘strikes back’ in the form of severe weather events or the shifting or rupturing of the earth’s crust that we realise her true power, and we are ‘put in our place’.


When we realise that there is in fact no separation, and that we are part of our environment, we can appreciate everything going on around us as simply a reflection of what goes on within us also.  For example, the daily changes in weather are similar to our daily changes in how we feel or our moods. The Sun and the Moon have an undeniable effect on all living organisms on Earth, as any farmer, fisherman or sensitive person will attest.  The shifting seasons can be said to be symbolic of our personal cycles of change.  Earthquakes, floods and storms can reflect our own unexpected life events that change us, challenge us and generally bring opportunity for us to let go and move on.

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