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I am you and we are we;

our bond is in the Soul, the One Soul, the radiant love of God.

The Soul is love, and all people love.

We are whole and inseparable by this fact and hence,

we are one global family in its lived expression.

Serge Benhayon

Family relationships are the practice ground from which we learn about relating with others, to then expand the concept and experience of family into community and beyond.


Although we are born into families and can understand this to be those connected through bloodlines, in truth we all share the same experiences of love, loss and change - the human commonality that bonds us all.


In this section we will explore true family in terms of elders, men, women, children, and young people and the responsibilities each of these hold within our family and community life.

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True Family

The word whanau is often translated as family, however, is there a fuller meaning?


Women / Wahine

Does the traditional role of women in New Zealand still apply in our society today?

four ladies in NZ_edited.jpg

Elders / Kaumātua

Are elders truly respected for the wealth of their experience and wisdom?

kein jesse sam.JPG

Children / Tamariki

Children offer us the space to be ourselves - playful, inclusive, open, joyous and innocent. 


Men / Tane

Does the typical stereotype of the

Kiwi 'bloke' truly reflect

New Zealand men?

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 8.09.47 pm.png

Young People

Being a young person in today's world can be a challenging time.

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