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Our body offers us a great indicator or barometer of how we live with love (aroha) for ourselves. All our choices, from the way we move, how we communicate, what we eat, how we exercise, to the time we go to bed, have an impact on our body, health and well-being.


Our body is our best friend and is always giving us messages as to how it is feeling, we just need to take the time to stop, to listen and to act on these messages. If we don’t take the time to listen its messages will only get louder and eventually we may be brought to a stop with an illness, disease or injury.


When we take the time to ‘listen’ attentively, we realise that our body tells us very quickly if the choices we have been making have been caring and considerate, or not. But could it be that most of us have not been raised to know how to listen to our body and to decipher its many messages?

Our Body - Understanding our body .jpg

Understanding Our Body

Simple support to truly understand our body and how to care for its health and well-being.

RTL-Our Body-Care of the Body-What is se

Self-Care – What is it?

Self-care is saying no to everything that is not truly caring.  And saying yes to the next steps of self-care

Our Body - The Joyful responsibility of

The Joyful Responsibility of
Taking Care of Ourselves

Could taking care of our body be joyful and fun rather than something else we have to do?

Return to love NZ - Our Body- No Sport.j

No Sport - Crikey,
what will we do now?

When sport stops, we are given the opportunity to review the impact of sport on our bodies.


Return to Love NZ - Our Body - getting t

Getting to know my body
has changed my life

Ingrid shares how finally getting to know her body has changed her life

in many wonderful ways.

Return to Love NZ - Our Body - Why cant

Why couldn’t I care for myself and what does it have to do with sport?

Vanessa shares how growing up in a sports-mad culture impacted her body and level of self-care.

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