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Return to love NZ - Our Body- No Sport.j

‘No sport for… how long?!’ I hear the occupants of living rooms around New Zealand, and indeed the world, freaking out.


Not since Roman times, have we not had sport, culture and entertainment front and centre of our lives. Every weekend stadiums around the world are full to capacity with cheering and swearing and drinking and betting and ‘good times’. What will we do with this space that has now been created, albeit not willingly, but space it is, nonetheless?


We are being forced to stop. And if we are, like millions of people around the world, used to playing rugby, netball, volleyball, football, hockey etc. perhaps we can no longer put our desire to win a game in front of how our body is feeling. For many this may be a first in our life since we were a little boy or girl.


So how does your body feel? If you listen closely enough, is it letting go a little, not quite so tight, not having to brace itself to be bashed into in a scrum or tackle?  If you are able to settle into your homes, be they big or small, if you sit alone and still for a moment how does your body feel?


For most there is a lot of anxiety happening in the body, but actually nothing much can happen right now as we are in lockdown with the rest of the world. So, we have a choice, to pay more attention to our body and how it feels and if we choose. Is it an opportunity to start to take care of ourselves?


So, what does taking care of our body even mean?


It means:

  • keeping warm

  • drinking water

  • breathing in a way that supports the quality of our breath and our body


It means noticing:

  • what the body likes and dislikes regarding food, sleep, conversation, exercise

  • what can be let go of in our homes

  • what can be developed and deepened in our relationships


In a nutshell - or game plan terms - it is all the simple stuff done with love.


We may find that after a little while our body starts to really let go and we may even begin to feel warmth fill our feet and chest.  Some have shared that they get a lovely sensation in their feet when they are very present, in the moment. They say it is like putting them in lovely warm water but from the inside.  Sounds yummy right? It is and it is all there for the igniting within. Our chest can be full of a lovely warmth and our arms can melt in that spreading of sunshine within.


So, for the first time in living memory we are being forced to stop and be in our homes, and most importantly, in our most important home, the home of our body. This body is the place where our Soul can reside and when we let our body be filled with the quality of our Soul, we feel it most tangibly.


We might as well give it a try; we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A true win win.

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