Are we living in a way that acknowledges there is more to life than we have been led to believe? What if it were natural to have an expanding awareness and understanding of everything around us, knowing it reflects and informs us, and that we are being offered a learning in every moment?


The everyday myths you read here show us mythology is much more than an old and unfathomable story or a tale that ‘isn’t true’. They alert us to the fact that every day, the truths of life surround us, and that we are constantly living and co-creating our own myths. They demonstrate that we have in our hands the very tools we need to understand ourselves and our world.


The natural world, our dreams, the details of our daily lives offer all of us signs and symbols we can read and ponder. They provide us with personal stories we can interpret and use to guide us – a mirror with which we can examine ourselves and our lives.


Our everyday mythology supports us to observe life, enriching ourselves and by extension those around us. They are the everyday truths that enliven us to the possibility of a life of revelation and purpose.



'The unexamined life is not worth living.' (1)




(1) Quoted in Plato’s Apology, (section 38a)
 Translation by Fowler, 1966, Plato in Twelve Volumes, Harvard University Press.

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