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Return to Love NZ - Mythology - The Eagl

A woman had a dream. An incredible eagle with rich brown and gold plumage appeared in the sky not far above her. The eagle began a graceful, spiralling descent towards her. Maintaining eye contact all the while, it came to rest elegantly and assuredly on its head on the ground before her.


As it folded itself into a seated posture, it transformed itself into a beautiful chestnut horse and came to lie, legs comfortably tucked under, on the grass beside her.


The woman looked deep into the horse’s eyes, bathing in the gorgeousness of its essence. She asked the horse what its name was. ‘Sylvia’ came the silent reply.


‘Welcome Sylvia’, she communicated back, still savouring the presence of this divinely exquisite creature. ‘I want to live in a house’, came the response. The woman paused. ‘I’ll see what I can do’, she replied.


As if on cue, the woman’s husband appeared at the very instant she turned to ask him how they could make this happen.


Then she woke.


The woman lay still, bathing in the magical quality of the dream and the gloriousness of the connection with the magnificent beings she had encountered.


She pondered the nature of what she had dreamt, knowing it had meaning. The woman understood all creatures have their own path of evolution with some – dolphins, whales and dogs in particular – already having achieved a somewhat soulful state. She also knew others, such as horses, eagles and elephants, were evolving towards this same state. It occurred to her these were all creatures with which man has had a close relationship throughout the ages.


In the horse’s request the woman felt the potential we have as humans to assist these beings’ evolution, by welcoming them into our lives where we can. She could feel the next stage for Sylvia was to return as a dog, to live with them or another family, perhaps in this life, perhaps in another.


This process of support offered felt beautiful, and she could see how this understanding could pave the way for a deeper understanding of the purpose of our human relationships too.

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