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Our Origins - A New Myth For An Ancient Land
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In ancient days, in a land that is no more, a wise few men and women prepared for the apocalypse they knew was coming – a great flood that would sink their land forever. Boats were built and plans were made. One such craft, a great ocean-crossing ark, was bestowed the task of sailing to the southern lands to maintain the light original in these lands. This great vessel, peopled with those who knew the ancient truths and followed the ways of the inner heart, sailed south across what is known today as the Pacific Ocean. It made landfall on the landmass we now call New Zealand, a land of divine purity, of mighty mountains, clear waters and grand forests. Here we find a primeval land of distinct beauty and purpose, for this place is like no other, yet echoes the world over.

The journey of these wise ones was in no way a random adventure, it was instead a journey directed by the light of the stars. On board the vessel were the most learned stellar navigators of the time, people who understood the workings of the night sky, the cycles of the stars and how to navigate the great oceans with guidance from the stellar realm. Their journey was as much an inner journey of following the divine truth within as it was following the stars. For these people knew they were stellar in origin – as are we – and that the stars offer a constant reflection of our unfolding lives on earth.


Their mammoth journey to the southern lands was one of divine purpose. With God in their hearts, they simply followed what their hearts so clearly spoke. In sharing their inner-knowing with each other they knew where to go and how to get there. It was through this brotherhood they confirmed their shared journey; it was through sisterhood their evolution unfolded and the way forward was found. This is known today, as The Way of The Livingness.

On arriving in the ancient Aotearoa – New Zealand – our crew of pioneers found an abundant and vast land of geological wonder and biological splendour, a raw and untouched continent of ancient beauty. A land of birds and tall trees, of mountains and glacial lakes and a land very much alive with volcanic and seismic activity; a living land with innocence and purity. These gifts of nature included several stone types of particular qualities – jade, quartz and rarer, metallic-based minerals – producing a colourful array of rocks and crystalline formations.

Those olden ones who laid the seed of The Livingness in this land had a long and varied history here – a history full of mystery, woven into our modern lives in ways we seldom acknowledge, let alone appreciate. Today we know these people as the Waitaha: those who settled here in days gone by for millennia, largely forgotten, but not extinguished. Yet the ancient law of rebirth, which allows us to return to the physical plane time and again to grow and evolve, ensured the story continued, the journey to proceed, The Livingness to be embodied if it so be chosen… as it so offers today. 

And chosen it has been, and chosen it will be by all once more, for the essence of the Waitaha was forever placed in this land for its people – for all of humanity – to feel and honour generation after generation. This is the way of Waitaha, the way of all who choose to connect to the ancientness of this land, to the light it embodies and to The Livingness that is our only true way.

The lineage of Waitaha flows in two great rivers, that of the inner and that of the outer. One is the lineage of the body, of our transient outer flesh and blood; the other is that of the Soul, the inner essence that knows God as the source of all and is eternal and divine. We all, each of us, have these two rivers flowing through us: we have our bloodlines that link us to the past, through our genealogy, to our physical ancestors; we too have the lineage of our Soul, the forever-returning aspect of ourselves that incarnates through choice and is governed by the universal laws of this plane of life and more. The lineage of our Soul is a science rarely understood, yet absolutely lived by us all, and it returns us to where we need to be. Our ancient Waitaha forebears knew this law and worked with it, as have others elsewhere on this plane of life through the ages.

New Zealand was founded, all those centuries ago to return the light of the Soul to the southern lands, one of several lands chosen in preparation for the flood. The Waitaha people have re-seeded this land, and other lands throughout the Pacific and beyond, with the light of the divine many times, across numerous epochs and eras. For just as the moon waxes and wanes, and the tides flow in and out, people too have their ebbs and flows, their journeys away from and their returnings to. And so it is for the story of this land and its people, and indeed all people, in our evolution back to Soul.

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