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Recently I watched the sun rise over the highest of tides courtesy of the full moon.

As I was watching the waves flow in and flow out whilst standing at the edge of this massive body of water, it suddenly stopped being something I was seeing, something I’ve always seen - maybe ordinary and normal - and I found myself in awe of the amazingness of it all. 

This ocean doing what it always does in its natural movement, never ever the same configuration twice, got me to feel my own body and how, right down to the cells and within them to the finest detail and beyond to the atomic, matter into energy and energy into matter, there is an inflow and an outflow, an in-breath and an out-breath; a pulse. 

Nothing is ever the same in any moment in the body either. There is always a continuous flow of movement within our systems and their cellular activity. Cause and effect. Unceasing.

I could feel that how I have been living, what I have been eating and drinking, how I have been walking, speaking with someone, doing the dishes, accepting, resisting, feeling what is going on around me, my mood, other’s moods, resting, not resting, appreciating… all affect and determine the climate of my cells, my body and my general wellbeing.

I know how awful my body feels if I have put unnatural pressure on myself, reacted to a person’s comment or have disregarded my body. I may not be able to change a situation I am in, but there is always something I can do: I can change the way I feel about it.

Pondering on all this has deepened the feeling in me even more that everything is dependent on the quality of the way in which I live and love, cherish my body and my ‘beingness,’ cherish others or not, do or be, react or respond and so on. Everything affects every cell and determines from that moment forth how my body will feel and be and, as a result, prepare me for my next moment... and then that next moment and movement forth and so on and so on... 

And so it is with the ocean, and the body it is a part of, which is in itself a part of a much greater body, the universe and beyond.


How incredible it all is.

Standing at the edge of this immense body of water I realised there is not only a vast universe all around me, there is also a vast universe inside of me, and inextricably and undeniably we are one.       

Feeling the beauty of this has awakened deeper the responsibility of it all and for it all, and that feels beautiful too.

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