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Hello Everyone!


I’d like to say a few words about our climate, climate change and climate events, topics that are more than hot right now. Apparently, Mother Earth has suddenly lost her ability to self-heal, so she needs help from us humans.


This doesn’t make sense to me though, because last time I checked, we scored terribly bad in looking after ourselves. 

We are the only organism on this planet that does not know how to look after itself. Smoking, drinking, eating too much, fighting amongst ourselves, hating people, hurting others, judging them and ourselves – the list can go on and on, yet WE are going to help Mother Earth to come back to her natural ways. It doesn’t seem logical to me and frankly, it’s a bit arrogant. 

What we haven’t considered though is that maybe this is nature looking after herself. The climate change, the temperatures, the winds and the water, the fire and the earthquakes – could this be her way of healing? And what if she was healing from the effects of us; our out of control behaviours and all the devastation we bring to ourselves and each other? 

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Could it be the climate events we are seeing are simply the adjustments she makes to correct the calamity humanity inflicts on itself and the planet?

Yet we don’t see it like that. We see climate events as ‘natural disasters’. They might be disastrous for us – and no this is no disrespect to those affected by them – however they are not disastrous to Mother Earth. And is that reason enough to try to fix her, instead of fixing ourselves first?

Why can we not look at nature and see that it does what it does because that is what is needed, instead of seeing it as something wrong?

Perhaps the reason we want to fix Mother Earth and the climate is because she is reflecting to us that we need to start looking at healing ourselves and our more-than-out-of-control behaviours before we worry about her. And perhaps the reason we don’t do this is because it’s easier to march down the street and demand a change rather than looking at what needs to be healed in our own lives. 

Nature is a constant reflection for us to evolve. It reflects beauty but also what needs to be done for us to heal. It’s not wrong to want to change, but maybe the key to transformation is closer to home than we realise.

By MJ - Sweden

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