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This place was made for us. 


With a divine out-breath, the earth with an abundance of plants, animals, mountains, and streams came into being. So too, the universe with the stars, planets and galaxies was cut from the same cloth.


Although the scale and appearance vary, that one out-breath is the foundation that binds us all. It forever pulls us back to the Oneness that is the truth and essence of our being and all that exists within this realm. It calls us to respect and care for everything that is within this one body.


The Earth was never intended to be our final destination, rather, it is a place to house and support those of us who strayed from the great cycle which, like the great migrations that occur in nature, call us to forever move and respond as one to what is next.


We do not need to know or understand the purpose but simply move in harmony with it. There are those who fall behind in the migration, distracted or enticed away from the movement of the group.


In his infinite love and wisdom, Sanat Kumara (God) created the earth and all its reflections for those of us who were waylaid, until such time that we return to the Oneness we are originally from.


The Earth was not designed as a playground to fulfill our every desire, to use and abuse its inhabitants and resources as we see fit. It was designed to be an earthly school, one rich in lessons about who we truly are and where we come from.


We are here to return to a way of living that is aligned to the rhythms and cycles of the universe. This is reflected on a grand scale by the movements of the universe and the constellations, and so too in the precise way that our bodies constantly respond to cyclical changes within our environment.


When we return to a way of living that respects the delicateness of our bodies and is in harmony with the grand cycles that govern our lives, we naturally reclaim custodianship of the earth and live lightly upon it.

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