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One Starry Starry Night
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One starry starry night a few stars decided to go out on their own and leave their brothers and the harmony and oneness they shared with God in Heaven and come down to earth.

They eventually took human form as we know it and almost completely lost their connection to their brothers in the heavenly skies. Luckily there was still the spark of God within and although deeply hidden they would sometimes look up to the night sky, seeing the beautiful stars and planets and be in awe.

Other brothers came down to show them the way back home by their awesome reflection but unfortunately these stars also got lost in the denseness of life here on earth.

Over the eras many great teachers who knew of their connection to God and the Universe and the way back to the stars would share their wisdom and love but these teachers were often criticised or killed because they shared the truth people didn’t want to hear. Life here on planet earth was very individual, competitive and a struggle, and people thought that was normal.

Some of the stars who initially came down to see what it was like on this planet started to wake up after coming into connection with a wise teacher and have memories of where they came from. They began to feel light and joyful again and started to live in a way feeling very connected to their soul inside and the stars above.

This was the spark that had never left them and had only got deeply buried over time.

By their reflection more and more people around them got a sense of who they were and where they came from. Eventually this spread all over planet earth where people were all waking up. Waking up to who they really were. It was like a wave where everyone got out of the way for the true purpose to be here on earth, and that was to wake up to the fact that we lost the way, but then remembered and were on our way back home to the stars and our brothers where we were all one.

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