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Introduction to Our Mythology

Have we lost our true understanding of the word myth - and our ability to receive powerful truths?

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Our Origins

​New Zealand is an ancient land but what do we truly know about the origins of its people? 




Everyday Mythology

​Everyday mythology is all around us and helps us interpret, understand and enrich life.

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Our Origins - A New Myth

For An Ancient Land

New Zealand is an ancient land but what do we truly know about the origins of its people? 

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Atlantis - A History

For Our Times

​Atlantis, a myth in the truest sense, designed to teach us something. What was the lesson?

Return to Love NZ - Mythology - Atlantis


Atlantis Revisited - Have We Really Left The Past Behind?

​Atlantis was real - and we haven’t heeded its lessons. Are we due for another global correction? 

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Reading Life

A dream about reading life - and a way of living in which the ability to read life is normal.

Return to Love NZ - Mythology - The Eagl


The Eagle and The Horse

A horse, eagles, a dog - symbolism and dream meanings can tell us so much…



The Dog And His Master

A wise man, intrigued by animal behaviour, tells the story of his dog who had started to run away.

Return to Love NZ - Mythology - Corona V

​Sometimes we can take guidance and inspiration from even the most unlikely sources. 

Return to Love NZ - Environment - Introd


Introduction to

Our Environment

The environment is earth, sky and all of us. In harmony we come together as one.

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Ancient Wisdom

This land of ancient days holds a universal wisdom reflecting an essence held within each of us.


Living With Nature

Our natural environment reflects to us constantly that we are part of something very grand. 



Living Cycles

Our environment is constantly changing and affecting us in many ways with its rhythms and cycles.



Introduction to Our Body

Have you considered the importance of connecting to our body to support our health and well-being?

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Living in connection with our body and the essence of who we are is our natural state of being. 

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The State of our Health

Whilst medicine continues to develop, is it time to be honest about the true state of our heath?

Return To Love NZ - Body - Our Cycles



Our Cycles

Coming to understand and appreciate the cycles that are in every part of our lives.




Care of our Body

If we listen to our body we will quickly learn how to make truly caring choices in our daily lives?

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Introduction to our Soul

Returning to our Soul is the acknowledgment of the

divinity we are all from.




Our Spirit

The Soul and Spirit are not the same. This helps to understand the conflict and division we are in.

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The qualities of our Soul

Come and explore the Qualities

of the Soul and God - Stillness, Joy, Truth, Harmony and Love.

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Prayer is a living way of being that holds sacred the constant divine connection we belong to.

Return to Love NZ - Blog - Racism in New

True Family

The word whanau is often translated as family, however, is there a fuller meaning?


Women / Wahine

Does the traditional role of women in New Zealand still apply in our society today?

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Elders / Kaumātua

Are elders truly respected for the wealth of their experience and wisdom?

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Children / Tamariki

Children offer us the space to be ourselves - playful, inclusive, open, joyous and innocent. 


Men / Tane

Does the typical stereotype of the

Kiwi 'bloke' truly reflect

New Zealand men?

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Young People

Being a young person in today's world can be a challenging time.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is currently

the leading cause of death in

New Zealand.

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Mental Health

In 2012/13 up to 1 in 6 New Zealand adults had been diagnosed with a common mental disorder.





Diabetes is the largest and fastest growing health issue that we face in New Zealand today.

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New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD,

and our rates are rising. 



Understanding Our Body

Simple support to truly understand our body and how to care for its health and well-being.

Our Body - The Joyful responsibility of


The Joyful Responsibility of

Taking Care of Ourselves

Could taking care of our body be joyful and fun rather than something else we have to do?

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No Sport - Crikey,

what will we do now?

When sport stops, we are given the opportunity to review the impact of sport on our bodies.


Getting to know my body

has changed my life

Ingrid shares how finally getting to know her body has changed her life

in many wonderful ways.

Return to Love NZ - Our Body - Why cant


Why couldn’t I care for myself and what does it have to do with sport?

Vanessa shares how growing up in a sports-mad culture impacted her body and level of self-care.



Sports and Violence

What is the link between sport

and the level of violence in

New Zealand society.

Return to Love NZ - Family - Men - Rejec



Rejection in Men

​The feeling of rejection in men is common; does it lie behind

a myriad of behaviours?

Retunr to Love NZ - Family - Men - Holdi


Holding Back

What happens when men hold back their true expression?



Our Foundation

The Return to Love Project has stemmed out of a deep respect and appreciation of the Ageless Wisdom.

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Te Hokianga Ki Te Aroha

'Te Hokianga ki te Aroha' is a beautiful phrase to understand and to feel.

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Who Are We

We are an ever-expanding group of people of the world with a deep connection to Aotearoa.


Gentle Breath Meditation™

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is a very practical tool to support our connection, or re-connection, to the breath, the body and our essence.


The Gentle Breath Meditation™ can be done in 10 minutes, or less, at the start of the day and/or at the end of the day, or in fact at any time. Taking a moment to breathe our own breath brings us instantly back to our self with the quality of gentleness bringing a feeling of harmony to our body. See what others have to say about the Gentle Breath Meditation™ here.

 You may like to explore further information on meditation here.


Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga, or the Yoga of Stillness is another way to build and develop a connection to your body and your essence. Yoga simply means union and this unique and gentle form of yoga is about supporting us to return to the stillness that is naturally within us all where can feel deeply the truth of who we are. It is a modality that supports us to develop body awareness, gentleness, conscious presence and stillness. This modality supports us to develop self-care and self-love as nurse and Esoteric Yoga presenter Fiona Lotherington explains in this article Your body tells the truth.


Gentle Walking

Walking is not only great exercise but is a powerful way to connect with our body when we choose to walk gently without anywhere to be and without headphones in our ears or a phone in our pocket. Instead, we can choose to bring our awareness to how our feet feel when they connect with the ground, how our arms feel as they swing by our side or even the gentle feel of the air on our cheeks. When we walk in this way we can experience the gentleness and harmony that is naturally within us. Joshua Campbell shares here how walking in this way allowed him to feel who he truly is.


Conscious Presence

Conscious Presence is the practice of training the mind to be present with the body as we go about our activities. For example, if we are driving our car our mind is with us as we drive as opposed to driving and thinking about what we need to do at work. Most of us would easily be able to give examples of when our mind is wandering all over the place while we are physically in one place engaged in a particular activity.

We can develop conscious presence by making a conscious choice to check in on our mind and bring it back to being present with what we are doing at the time. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ presented here also specifically supports the development of conscious presence.


Taking moments

Stopping, even for a minute or two, can support us to connect to our body but it seems many of us find it difficult to stop as shared here by someone learning to stop. Yet stopping allows us space to feel what is needed next and starts to build a way of being that honours what our body needs in any given moment.

For example, you’ve unloaded the groceries from the car and the next step is to put them away. Imagine before putting them away that you stop for a moment and ask yourself what you actually feel to do – you might discover you need to sit for a minute to rest, or you’d like a cup of tea or you might be ready to put the groceries away. By stopping, we can be guided by our body.

Even in our increasingly busy lives stop moments can be incorporated into our day if we choose. You can start with just one somewhere in your day. Or we can become of aware of the moments of pause offered to us in our day described in this blog about appreciating the times when we’re forced to slow down or wait in a queue.


Body Awareness

Body awareness is about being aware of our posture, our breathing, the quality of our movements and what we are feeling as we go about our daily activities. This can be as simple as bringing our attention to our hands or fingertips as we open a door, wash the dishes, or drive the car. We can choose to start the day by taking a moment to bring our attention to the body before getting out of bed and becoming aware of how it is feeling. Body awareness is not necessarily about changing what we feel but simply becoming aware of what’s happening in the body. From there the choice is ours.



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